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Silviculture Programs Through CVWPA


The Carleton-Victoria Wood Producers has the following silviculture activities available to woodlot owners in Carleton and Victoria Counties that are funded through the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) silviculture program:

Site Preparation/Scarification


Scarification prepares the land for planting and is usually done during the fall, previous to the spring planting. This is done at no cost to the landowner and properly spaces the rows for planting the seedlings at an optimum density.




Planting seedlings may be done in either a fill plant or a full plant scenario. Full planting has a cost to the landowner of $55/acre.


Pre-Commercial Thinning/Spacing


Pre-commerical thinning reduces the number of trees in a stand using a thinning saw, allowing those remaining to maximize their growth potential, also at no cost to the landowner. Timing is critical when pre-commercially thinning your woodlot. A general rule of thumb of timing of PCT operations in HWD stands is an average height of 4-9m or greater and 2-7m for SWD.

Plantation Tending


Plantation tending consists of releasing planted stock, at no cost to the landowner, and may be done either by mechanical or chemical means.

Alternative Treatments


Some alternative treatments outlined below include various harvesting methods, depending on certain criteria, such as: single crop tree selection, select cuts, shelterwood cuts and commerical thinning. Financial assistance of $560.00/ha is available to the contractor or landowner if work is done by themselves.


Commerical Thinning: This is a subsidy program and supplements the cost of performing a more time consuming felling technique. This program supplements the cutter and is inversely proportional to the amount of volume removed.

Shelterwood Harvest: This program supplements the cost of the type of harvest required to promote new regeneration in a mature stand. The shelterwood harvest requires, in some instances, ground disturbance to allow the desired species to regenerate.

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