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We are a non profit organization, dedicated to helping private woodlot owners in Carleton and Victoria counties.
We offer many services for our members and land owners to help manage and harvest their land.

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Woodlot Management


A properly managed woodlot:


  • Generates sustainable levels of income

  • Protects natural features

  • Encourages wildlife habitat

  • Provides clean drinking water

  • Limits losses due to forest insects and diseases

  • Enhances recreational activities

  • Complies with local Acts and Regulations

  • Allows intergenerational transfer of the property

  • Allows for the development of non-timber forest products




Having your woodlot properly managed will give you:


  • Well-marked boundaries

  • Standing wood volume estimate

  • Identification of silvicultural needs

  • An account of forest health and vigor

  • Identification of insect or disease problems

  • Professional harvest monitoring

  • Professional bridge and culvert installation by a certified installer

  • Protection of natural features

  • Tax breaks on Intergenerational transfer of property



We include services that will:


  • Provide a detailed account of harvest receipts

  • Allow for protection of any special sites that are found on the woodlot

  • Provide landowner training in areas such as “Best Management Practices”, GPS Navigation and Selling Stumpage

  • Provide habitat management for multiple species ·

  • Provide land management that conforms to the Pan Canadian Certification System

  • Incorporate harvest practices that conform to The Master Logger Certification Program

  • Assure the landowner that their property is being managed by competent professionals

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