Mac's Sawmill


Delivered to 231 Moose Mtn Road

Closed until spring of 2022




AV Nackawic Specs

Please see mill specifications page for the correct specs for Random hardwood, poplar and birch. Any questions please call the office 391-5584


AV Nackawic Mill

Due to high inventories and scheduled maintenance, the Nackawic Mill will not be accepting deliveries of Any Products during the following times and dates:

Closed Friday 17th of September at 6pm 

reopens Monday 27th of September at 6am

Closed Friday 15th of October at 6pm

reopens Monday 25th of October at 6am

Closed Friday 17th of December at 6pm

reopens Monday 27th of December at 6am

any questions please contact Ryan McLaughlin at (506) 476-5712

Louisiana Pacific

September 20, 2021

Effective October 8 at 5PM, LP New Limerick will not be taking wood deliveries until further
notice. Due to a lack of adhesive for our production lines, we are forced to shut down operations
until our adhesive supply can be restored. We will use the shutdown to complete the expansion
of the mill and hope to be taking wood again in January 2022. We apologize for the disruption
to our producer’s businesses.
Thank you for understanding and we will resume normal operations as soon as we can.


JM Huber

Huber has restricted deliveries,  please call the office 392-5584 to book your loads

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