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Richmond Corner Yard

Price increase on Poplar beginning October 21, 2019:

Poplar treelength $58.71

Poplar 9" $60.67


AV Nackawic

Price reduction on Poplar pulpwood to $48.92 per tonne effective October 13, 2019

Woodland Pulp

Price Increases as of June 2, 2019

Woodland Pulp into the CV Yard increases to $49.51 per tonne

Woodland Pulp delivered to Baileyville Maine increases to $58.71 per ton

EM Cummings

price reduction as of September 3, 2019:

Treelength is now $53.82

Softwood logs spruce is now $61.64

Softwood logs Fir is now $51.86

Louisiana Pacific

Effective Monday March 4th, 2019 the price of treelength Poplar  will increase to 46.47 per ton.

Jolly Farmer Products

Has increased the price to 29.50 per tonne.

will take any species of non-rotted wood including Hemlock and Tamarack, prefer 8'-24' long (no treelength) mixed species is OK and max 26"butt. any questions call 506-328-5563

Daaquam, Masardis Maine

Price reduction:

Spruce CTL and Treelength is now $58.70 ton

Fir CTL and Treelength is now $48.92 ton

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